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Resources for Parents

Your Child's Education and You

Dear Parents,

Your children's schooling does not end when they leave school. Please ask them if they have completed all of their homework and whether they have tests that they need to study for or a book that they can read.

Also, feel free to read and explore the Cesar Chavez Middle School website and email your children's teachers if you have any questions regarding school work. Our administration is more than ready to answer any of your questions or help you with bettering your children's academic success.

Thank you for your support.



Please visit the Main Office, the Afterschool Office, or one of your regular day school teachers and ask them for a SUMMER SCHOOL application! See you at the club, where we will be having tons of fun in the sun.




Being Aware


If you think that your kid may be a victim of bullying or cyber bullying, please go to our page and look at the atttached links for ideas as to how to handle this horrible occurence. Please, also, notify our prinicpal Mr. MacGregor and your student's teachers so that we may all help you make your child feel safe and secure.