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Resources for Students

Your Success

Dear Students,

We are so proud to have you as a part of our school. YOU are the reason that we, the faculty, staff, and administration, come to school everyday, because we ALL want to see you succeed, we ALL want to help you succeed. The only thing we ask in return is your respect to yourself, your classmates, and us and that you try your absolute best.

Let's go, Warriors! It's your time to shine!



Please visit the Main Office, the Afterschool Office, or one of your regular day school teachers and ask them for a SUMMER SCHOOL application! See you at the club, where we will be having tons of fun in the sun.

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and take an AR Quiz or the Star Reading Test


Search the AR BookFinder to see if there is an AR quiz and what the level and points are, for a particular book. (Students: make sure to use Internet Explorer for quizzing, not Mozilla Firefox)

Search for a book in our school library holdings.



Search the Internet!



Your source for Educational Resources on the Internet

Fun Times for YOU

How about THIS fun link?!

Welcome to the kids' ZONE .

Want some fun optical illusions? Click HERE and test your brain!!!

Khan Academy

Checkout the thousands of great tutorial videos at Khan Academy!